Lack of public transport facility, raise inconvenience to Kunzer Villagers

Kirmani Aafaq


Residents of several parts of Kunzer and Pattan area on Sunday complained that transportation shortages in various routes occur on regular basis, preventing people from reaching their destinations on time.


The residents from Bahrampora, Baiwa, Shouch palpora, Dandora and Dangerpora and other adjacents parts complained about the transport dearth towards Kunzer and Pattan.


“I have to go for 12th class examination, unfortunately i have to walk by foot more than 2 kilometers from my village for getting a sumo, i could not reach to my exam center on time”, said Peerzada Usman, a resident of village Bahrampora.


“The area has huge population and a large number of commuters can be seen daily waiting for sumo at Boneshoora, Bahrampora and adjacent villages”, he said.


“Only few sumos are plying on Wailoo to Kunzer and Hardushoora to Kunzer route, commuters of middle villages could not get a seat easily and unable to reach their destinations on proper time”, said Mashooq Ahmad, a resident of village Shouch Palpora.


Employees, students and people involved in business are hardly hit by the transportation shortage”, he said.


Meanwhile, locals urge president of Baba Reshi sumo stand Farooq Ahmad, to provide sumo service from Kunzer to Pattan via village Bahrampora, Shouch Palpora and Dangerpora so the lack of transport woes will over.