Good News for 15-Year-Old Vehicle Owners: Get a Rs 5 Lakh Subsidy Now

Good News for 15-Year-Old Vehicle Owners: Get a Rs 5 Lakh Subsidy Now


In a noteworthy development, Shahnawaz Bukhari, the Regional Transport Officer (RTO) in Kashmir, has extended a valuable opportunity to owners of 15-year-old vehicles in the region.


This initiative aims to provide financial relief by offering a substantial Rs 5 lakh subsidy to qualifying individuals.


While the response in Jammu has been commendable, with a surge in residents approaching the RTO office to avail themselves of this subsidy, the situation in Kashmir paints a different picture.


Mr. Bukhari expressed his concern about the relatively low turnout of vehicle owners in Kashmir, urging them to come forward and seize this beneficial opportunity.


In a statement, he emphasized the importance of proactive engagement from the Kashmiri community, stating that, “People in Jammu are actively approaching our office, but sadly, in Kashmir, there seems to be hesitancy. I appeal to the residents to come forward and take advantage of the Rs 5 lakh subsidy available.”


The subsidy, a substantial financial incentive, is open to all eligible 15-year-old vehicle owners in Kashmir. Mr. Bukhari highlighted the significance of this support, acknowledging the economic challenges individuals may be facing.


He encouraged vehicle owners in Kashmir to visit the RTO office promptly to ensure they don’t miss out on this considerable financial relief.


The RTO’s call to action is crystal clear: if you are the owner of a 15-year-old vehicle in Kashmir, this is a golden opportunity to secure financial assistance.


Don’t let hesitancy hold you back – act now and ensure you benefit from this exclusive subsidy designed to ease the financial burden for eligible residents.