In a groundbreaking initiative, Mr. Arshad Rashid War has introduced a modern retail concept to the Northern Area of Jammu and Kashmir with the inauguration of Metro Mega Mart in Sopore. Unveiled in the year 2023, this one-of-a-kind Mart and Mall under the banner of METRO MEGA MART is poised to transform the local shopping experience, offering a diverse range of products under one roof. Metro Mega Mart, conveniently located on a single floor, is set to become the ultimate shopping destination for the residents of Sopore.



With a comprehensive range of offerings, the Mart caters to the varied tastes and preferences of the community, The Jewellery section at Metro Mega Mart is a haven for those seeking elegance and luxury. Mr. Arshad Rashid War has curated a stunning collection of Gold, Diamond, and Jewellery, ensuring that patrons have access to timeless pieces that complement every occasion. Fashion enthusiasts are in for a treat as Metro Mega Mart introduces a dedicated section for Pakistani Suits. From vibrant designs to intricate embroidery, the Mart promises to be a trendsetter, offering the latest and most stylish selections in ethnic wear. Recognizing the cultural significance of weddings, Metro Mega Mart features an exclusive array of Bridal Dresses.



Every piece is carefully selected to capture the essence of beauty and tradition, making it a destination for brides-to-be in the region. Metro Mega Mart goes beyond occasional wear, offering a seamless transition from winter to summer with its diverse collection of clothing options. Shoppers can explore the latest trends and stay fashion-forward throughout the year, making the Mart a year-round style destination.


Mr. Arshad Rashid War, the visionary behind this ambitious venture, shared his vision for Metro Mega Mart. “We aim to redefine the retail experience in Sopore by providing a diverse and convenient shopping environment. Metro Mega Mart is not just a store; it’s a reflection of our community’s evolving needs and aspirations,” he commented. As Metro Mega Mart opens its doors to the public, the launch signifies a new era in retail for the Northern Area of Jammu and Kashmir. Beyond offering an extensive product range, the Mart is expected to play a pivotal role in stimulating economic growth in the region.



The introduction of Metro Mega Mart is more than a retail endeavour; it’s a community-centric initiative that aligns with the cultural and fashion needs of Sopore. The Mart is poised to contribute to the local economy, create job opportunities, and elevate the overall shopping experience for residents. In conclusion, the inauguration of Metro Mega Mart marks a significant milestone in the retail landscape of Sopore. As the community welcomes this modern shopping haven, it sets the stage for a vibrant and dynamic retail future in the Northern Area of Jammu and Kashmir. Firstly, you can visit their website and fill out the form on their “Contact Us” page. Provide your name, email address, phone number, and message then click “Submit”. A representative from Metro Mega Mart will get back to you as soon as possible. Or Visit Store, Bismillah Market Sopore.