Tasleema Akhter greets Muslim Ummah on auspicious occasion of Shab e Mehraj

Tasleema Akhter greets people on Shab-e-Qadr

Tasleema Akhter greets people on Shab-e-Qadr


Prays for peace, overall development of JK


Srinagar April 17: Democratic progressive Azad party State Secretary Jammu and Kashmir Tasleema Akhter on Monday greeted people on the very auspicious occasion of Shabi-e-Qadr being observed tonight and prayed for the wellbeing of the people


In her message, Tasleema Akhter while extending greetings to the people on the auspicious occasion of Shab-e-Qadr is very pious and unique in which Almighty Allah revealed the Quran on his beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), besides providing us the best opportunity to seek mercy and forgiveness from Him.

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She said the Holy Book Quran was a best gift of Almighty to mankind guiding us to differentiate between right and wrong things, Tasleema Akhter added and hoped the auspicious occasion of Shab-e-Qadr usher in an era of complete peace and overall development of Jammu and Kashmir.

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