Doon International School Pattan Concludes Free 2-Day Inter-School, Night Camping for Students with New Approach

Conducts mega Event, full of Adventurous Activities Free of Cost for All students.


Mohsin Khan

Pattan 22 Sep (KNS):For the first time in Kashmir Valley, Doon International School Bhat Colony Singhpora Pattan broke new ground by hosting a two-day, free-of-cost inter-school night camping event within its campus.


As per Kashmir News Service (KNS)Approximately 150 students enthusiastically participated in this grand initiative. The school administration Freely provided all the camping materials, ensuring that financial constraints did not hinder any student’s enjoyment.


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During the Charming camping night, a variety of activities lit up the event, including a warm bonfire, thrilling tug of war contests, and a Musical round of Antakshari.


The students Celebrated every moment with their faces brimming with enthusiasm and a relaxed smile.

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The visionary Vice-Chairman of Doon International School, Mr. Raaj Bhat, Dream up this camp as a means to liberate students from the Boredom of academics and the stress that accompanies it.


Speaking with Kashmir News Service (KNS), the school’s Vice Chairperson highlighted how such events contribute significantly to a child’s holistic development, promoting self-confidence and enhancing the overall school experience.


On the following day, the school continued to dazzle with around 50 more activities. A mesmerizing magic show left the children in awe, and the installation of a thrilling zip line injected adventure into the event.


Gratitude filled the hearts of all the students as they expressed their thanks to the school management for organizing such an extraordinary event.


It’s pertinent to mention that Doon International School Pattan stands as the first educational institution in the entire valley to offer such an enriching experience free of cost to its students, setting an inspiring example for others to follow. (KNS)

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